Goodeed is great!

Goodeed logo
Did you know that you could raise money for many different projects right now, for free?
Goodeed is a great website that allows you to watch ads to support NGOs (non-governmental organizations).
These NGOs support many causes, ranging from protecting the environment to providing safe water in developing countries.
Goodeed has raised more than 3,600,000 euros (4,200,000 USD).

(The website will be in French when you first visit it, but just click the red button at the upper right corner to sign up! After that, you can change the language to English.)

I am NOT sponsored by, related to, or affiliated with Goodeed at all, nor did I intend to make this look like an advertisement. I just feel that it is fun to improve the world without even realizing it. Also, this font was made by Manfred Klein Fonteria. Thanks to Antimatter Dimensions for introducing me to this font.

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