12 Benefits of Donating to Charity

  1. Help others. The most obvious reason. Donating can save and change lives in a variety of ways.
  2. Improve our world. The people you save by donating to charity might become inventors, geniuses, etc. that will change and improve the world!
  3. Bring economic prosperity. By saving and changing lives, they can finally contribute to the economy. For example, giving everyone clean water and sanitation will result in $18.5 billion in economic benefits per year.
  4. Get tax deductions. Donations to certain charities can be written off on tax returns.
  5. Experience happiness. Donating to charity activates pleasure and reward centers in the brain.
  6. Reduce stress. Charitable donations are linked to reduced rates of stress and lower blood pressure.
  7. Boost lifespan. Studies show that altruism is linked with higher lifespans.
  8. Increase self-worth. Ever feel useless? Just donate to charity, and you have successfully changed the life of someone else. No more guilt about being a waste.
  9. Bring meaning to your life. Being obsessed with charity (like I am) can connect you with other people who care about the same causes.
  10. Improve employee morale. Employees who donate to a corporate cause report increased worker morale more often.
  11. Teach your children to be generous. Kids who see their parents donating money are more likely to do the same in the future.
  12. Motivate your friends and family. Donating to charity not only motivates your kids, but also your friends and family to give!


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  4. Clean water/sanitation will add $18.5B/year to the economy

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