The Free Charity Program Calculator

If you are a user of FCPs (free charity programs), then you may be wondering how much you have raised for charity with them. Well, now you can know with the FCP Calculator!

Simply type your stats (without thousands separators) in for each of the following FCPs!

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Tab for a Cause: tabs opened

Ecosia: searches made

Freerice: rice grains donated

Goodeed: ads watched

Total money raised for charity:

Technical details below...

Tab for a Cause raises about 0.1 to 1 cent for charity, per tab. (source)

Ecosia makes about 0.5 cent (Euro) per search. As of July 2019, this equals about 0.56 cent (USD). (source)

The amount that each mile walked/ran/biked on Charity Miles raises for charity is unknown. Charity Miles donates between 10 to 50 percent of their sponsorship revenue, depending on the amount made per month. (source)

Freerice makes about 37 cents per 1,000 questions answered (10,000 grains of rice). (source)

Goodeed users have performed 23.6 million donations on the platform, raising 913,088 euros. This equals about 3.87 cents (Euro) per donation, which is about 4.34 cents (USD) per ad watched. (source)

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