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Here are some resources to help you spread the word about free charity programs (FCPs).
Multiple FCPs
[Tab for a Cause, Freerice, and Charity Miles] 9 Free Ways To Donate To Charities

[Ecosia and Freerice] Five free and easy ways to make the world a better place

[Charity Miles and WeShelter] 11 Ways to Use Charity Apps to Give Back For Free (or Cheap)

[Charity Miles and Freerice] 5 Cool and Easy Ways to Donate to Charity

Tab for a Cause
FAQs about Tab for a Cause

‘Tab For A Cause’ App Donates To Charity With Every New Web Browser Tab Opened

App lets you donate to charity by just opening a Web browser tab

[Video] Is Tab for a Cause valuable?

FAQs about Ecosia

[Video] 5 Reasons to Switch from Google to Ecosia

50 reasons you should use Ecosia

[Video] Switch to Ecosia, the alternative search engine

[Video] Is Ecosia legit? (Yes.)

Search engine plants 40 million trees (Currently at 64 million trees.)

How can I convert my school, university, company or organisation to Ecosia?

How can I run an Ecosia campaign at my university?

Click Your Mouse, Donate Rice

FreeRice.com (Snopes)

Charity Miles
FAQs about Charity Miles

Charity Miles Donates Money to Charity Every Time You Run or Bike

Goodeed turns 20 seconds of your time into humanitarian aid

A Help-the-Homeless App That Isn't Just Lazy 'Clicktivism'

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