How do I spread the word about free charity programs?

Ever wanted to spread the word about FCPs (free charity programs)?
Here is a guide that you can follow to share FCPs with anyone!
All FCPs
To share any FCP, simply tell your audience that they can help the world for free (key words!), without much effort. Our world still has many problems, and we need to solve them as soon as possible. If the entire world started using FCPs, we could raise billions of dollars for charity.
Tab for a Cause
To share Tab for a Cause, show your audience the devastating consequences of poverty, lack of education, safe water, and nutrition, violation of human rights, and climate change. (These problems kill millions of people every year!) These are all severe issues that Tab for a Cause's charities tackle, and they can help for free.
To share Ecosia, explain how our world is facing a climate breakdown that needs to be solved as soon as possible. Planting trees is one of the most effective solutions to climate change, and 30 million trees are being planted through Ecosia per year, for free.
838 million people in the world are undernourished (source), and 9 million of those die to hunger every year. (source) Some of these deaths could be prevented simply by answering questions on Freerice.
Charity Miles
Charity Miles supports more than 40 unique charities, so see all of the above.

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