Tab for a Cause is terrific!

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Did you know that you can save lives right now, for free?
Tab for a Cause is a great extension that donates money to charity with a few ads on each of your new tab pages.
The program has raised more than $1,200,000 for various charities, including ones that save lives.

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But is Tab for a Cause legitimate?

You may be wondering, "Is this stuff even real? It looks too good to be true..." Well, there is evidence that it is legit.

First, there are Tab for a Cause's financial reports. They document how much Gladly (the creator of Tab for a Cause) spends on things like marketing, salaries, and, of course, charity donations. But do you believe these are fake? Well...

...there's the fact that Save the Children, a charity that "improve[s] the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities" (source), trusts Tab for a Cause and lists them as an "Easy Way to Give Back" (source). Still not convinced?

Here's an article written by Room to Read, another charity that changes lives by increasing literacy and gender equality in education. The article describes a competition between more than 500 schools trying to open the most Tabs for a Cause. Raffles Girls' School ended up winning, and "[f]or first prize, Gladly sponsored the establishment of a library at a primary school in the Tien Giang region of Vietnam that was in need of quality children's books."

In conclusion, we can pretty clearly assume that Tab for a Cause is legitimate.

I am NOT sponsored by, related to, or affiliated with Tab for a Cause at all, nor did I intend to make this look like an advertisement. I just feel that it is fun to improve the world without even realizing it. Also, this font was made by Manfred Klein Fonteria. *This number is an estimation and is not actually taken from the servers. However, it is very accurate; it usually only differs by a few cents or less (unless it\'s outdated and I haven\'t updated it in a long time).Thanks to Antimatter Dimensions for introducing me to this font.

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