27 Benefits of Trees

    Environmental Benefits:
  1. Trees fight climate change. One tree can store hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide over its lifetime!
  2. Trees clean the air. Trees absorb many harmful air pollutants, odors, and particulates. Because 4.6 million people die each year to air pollution, planting trees can actually save lives!
  3. Trees provide oxygen. An acre of mature trees' oxygen can support 18 people!
  4. Trees prevent water pollution. Trees prevent the ocean from being polluted by stormwater.
  5. Trees prevent soil erosion. Trees slow runoff and keep soil in place.
  6. Trees provide wildlife habitat. For many species of birds, insects, and other animals.
  7. Trees control floods. Trees can also reduce sediment, nitrate, and phosphorus runoff into waterways.

  8. Direct Benefits to Humans (Health):
  9. Trees heal patients. Patients with views of trees heal more quickly.
  10. Trees reduce stress. Vegetation reduces heart rates and lowers blood pressure.
  11. Trees boost lifespan for women. Women near greenery have a 12% lower non-accidental death rate.
  12. Trees reduce the effects of asthma. Trees reduce nitrogen dioxide levels, leading to less asthma attacks.
  13. Trees improve sleep quality for men and older adults. According to a national study of 255,000 adults.

  14. Direct Benefits to Humans (Non-Health):
  15. Trees provide food. Not only for humans, but also for birds and wildlife.
  16. Trees provide wood. Tree trunks can be harvested for fuel and craft wood.
  17. Trees improve academic performance. Children get higher test scores and are more focused thanks to trees.
  18. Trees block ultraviolet rays. Standing under a tree reduces UV-B exposure by 50%.

  19. Urban Benefits:
  20. Trees conserve energy. Trees act as natural air conditioners, with a single tree having the same cooling effect as 8 air conditioners running continuously.
  21. Trees cool down cities. Trees in Los Angeles cool down the city by up to 10°F (5.6°C).
  22. Trees reduce crime and violence. Urban landscaping helps lower crime rates.
  23. Trees block things. Trees replace unpleasant views with a comfortable green color. Trees reduce dust, wind, and glare.
  24. Trees reduce noise. A row of trees reduces ambient noise levels by 50%.
  25. Trees bring people together. Tree-planting events bring diverse groups of people together and create a sense of community.
  26. Trees save and filter water. Trees also increase atmospheric moisture as they transpire.

  27. Economic Benefits:
  28. Trees create economic opportunities and jobs. Fruit produced from trees can be sold, providing income for those who need it most. Because of this, trees can reduce poverty! Trees also provide a variety of job opportunities, including arborists, loggers, and researchers.
  29. Trees increase property values. Houses with trees are worth 5-20% more!
  30. Trees increase business traffic. Trees slow traffic, allowing drivers to look at stores more closely.
  31. Trees increase productivity. Workers report higher levels of productivity and less absenteeism near a canopy of trees.


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