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Did you know that you can help the environment and fund reforestation right now, for free?
Ecosia is a great alternative search engine that displays some ads when you make a search, just like most other search engines.
But what makes it great? The revenue from these ads goes to planting trees!
Ecosia also protects your privacy.
The program has planted more than 130,000,000 trees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ecosia CO2 neutral?

  • It depends on how you look at it.
    Ecosia is powered by Bing, which runs on Microsoft's servers.
    These servers are powered by 50% renewable energy, so each search technically emits a small amount of carbon dioxide.
    However, Ecosia has built its own solar plants that produce twice as much power as they need for all Ecosia searches.
    Also, because Ecosia invests in tree planting, each search on Ecosia removes a kilogram of CO2 from the atmosphere. Ecosia calls itself "carbon-negative" for this reason.

  • How much of Ecosia's income goes towards tree planting?

  • In June 2021, 51% of Ecosia's income, or €1,206,151, was invested into tree planting. This is about 80% of their surplus/profit.
    Ecosia's financials

  • Does Ecosia protect my privacy?

  • Yes! Ecosia encrypts your searches, doesn’t sell any data to advertisers, and doesn’t store your searches permanently.
    You can enable the "Do Not Track" setting on your browser for increased privacy on Ecosia.
    Ecosia's privacy policy

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    I am NOT sponsored by, related to, or affiliated with Ecosia at all, nor did I intend to make this look like an advertisement.
    I just feel that it is fun to improve the world without even realizing it.
    *This number is an estimation and is not actually taken from the servers. However, it is very accurate; it usually only differs by a few trees or less (unless it's outdated and I haven't updated it in a long time).
    This font was made by Manfred Klein Fonteria. Thanks to Antimatter Dimensions for introducing me to this font.

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